Angie Godfrey


Angie Godfrey takes pride in the fact that she is a fifth generation educator. Her journals from childhood and adolescence are filled with activities and ideas that she gleaned from teachers throughout her schooling, to use one day when she was a teacher. She often jokes that being a teacher is in her DNA!  Angie attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, originally as a biology major intending to teach secondary science. However, during her sophomore year, she realized she missed learning about math, literacy, and social studies, and as a result, she changed her major to elementary education and never looked back.

She taught for five years in Utah before staying home full-time with her three children (three babies in four years!) During those initial teaching years, she was able to become a cooperative learning trainer and presented for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Once her children started school, Angie returned to teaching, this time in fifth and six grades. She also earned her Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment. After several years back in the classroom, she was offered a position as a math specialist for the State of Idaho. Angie has a firm belief that all students can think mathematically. Through this work, she is able to work with teachers and students all over the state to improve math instruction and practices.