Marci Parks


Marci Parks is an independent educational consultant with over 20 years of experience in the field of education. Marci discovered early on that she had a compassionate love of children, as well as a natural ingrained instinct to work with them in positive and dynamic ways. Her experience includes working as a preschool teacher, elementary classroom teacher, and instructional coach/consultant. Her consulting career has included work with the Early Reading First Grant, Montana Striving Readers Project and Montana Preschool Development Grant.

Marci’s consulting has provided her the opportunity to be immersed in the latest research, as well as having the real-world application in the classrooms with best instructional practices. She specializes in the development of high quality, loving educational environments. Additionally, she is skilled in designing and delivering engaging professional development grounded in research, and then turning around and using this professional development to support the continuous improvement of the early childhood programs. Being with children and working with people who care for and interact with them each day is such an honor and Marci considers this the best part of her job. She holds degrees in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education with additional graduate and undergraduate coursework in education, speech therapy and early literacy. She currently lives in Clancy, Montana, with her husband, four beautiful young children, dog Charlie and “the girls” (18 chickens).   Marci also enjoys downhill skiing, camping, homemaking, hiking, swimming, and mostly spending time with her beloved family.