Matilda “Tilly” Gurley

-Independent Bookkeeper & Project Leader

Matilda “Tilly” Gurley is the Bookkeeper & Project Leader for Side-by-Side Educational Consulting, Inc. She serves as a liaison between the President of the company, the clients and consultants in the field. Tilly works to provide support and resources to all members of the Side-by-Side K-12 Consulting team.

Previously, Tilly served as a high school principal where she worked with New Schools Project to establish a new innovative Early College High School. Tilly developed and maintained positive relationships with the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) as well as the New Hanover County Schools. She established positive public relations in the community, recruited students to attend the early college, developed systems for students to earn their high school core academic requirements in two years and also have the opportunity to earn up to sixty UNCW credit hours upon high school graduation.