Tanya Peshovich


Tanya Peshovich began working with children as a gymnastics instructor at the YMCA at the age of 15. What started as just a job, turned into a passion. She was drawn to the connections she had with the children and watching them succeed. After working closely with elementary-age children as a summer camp counselor, she knew that education was her calling. As a result, Tanya immediately changed her major from Biology to Speech Communications and Elementary Education, graduating magna cum laude from the University of Northern Colorado.

For the next 12 years, Tanya taught in the elementary classroom and later served as a reading coach, reading program consultant, and literacy trainer. Her experience includes working in urban, suburban, rural, Bureau of Indian Education, and Department of Defense Schools.

As a consultant, Tanya provides support through district-wide and site-based professional development on research-based literacy strategies, data analysis, and intervention. Other forms of support includes modeling lessons in the classroom for teachers and coaches, working closely with instructional coaches to improve school-wide achievement, providing leadership to principals through classroom observations, and debriefing with the instructional leadership teams. What she loves most about consulting is working side-by-side with teachers and having the opportunity to model effective, engaging instructional strategies that can be immediately applied in their own classrooms.

For the past seven years, Tanya has relished her role as a mother. She loves spending time with her two girls, husband and schnauzer. As a Colorado native she loves to spend time outdoors. Now living in the Portland, Oregon area, she continues her hobbies, but usually requires a rain jacket. When she’s not consulting or working with her own children, she enjoys running, biking, reading, cooking, gardening, DIY-ing, and home improvement. Tanya is a Girl Scout Troop Leader and volunteers for a non-profit organization dedicated to helping mothers and children.