Side-by-Side Services

We offer customized professional development and development services that build capacity and increase student achievement.

Side-by-Side Educational Consulting

Side-by-Side Educational Consulting is focused on working with educational institutions of all sizes and affiliations. From preschool programs to high schools, local school districts to state-wide implementations, we have the experience, skills, and knowledge to build capacity and shared leadership structures to increase teacher effectiveness and improve student outcomes over the long term.

Customized Professional Development

Increasing student achievement by improving teacher effectiveness
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On-Site Technical Assistance

Individualized training and support for schools and districts
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Shared Leadership Structures

Improving student outcomes through shared efforts and responsibility
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Instructional Coaching

Research-to-practice techniques for real-world classroom implementation
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Administrative Support

Opening doors for educational administrators to increase student achievement
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Data-Based Decision Making

Research-driven approach to improving student achievement
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Development Services

Working to develop resources, materials, and trainings that incorporate best practices in adult learning
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