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Sustainability Through Shared Leadership
Shared leadership structures that build capacity and ensure sustainability
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Dynamic Consultants
Experienced, innovative, people-oriented, and well-versed in the latest research
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Job Embedded Coaching
Coaching that empowers educators to meet the needs of all students
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Powerful Professional Development
Proven techniques and strategies that improve teacher effectiveness and raise student achievement
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Productive Data Analysis
Transforming data to meaningful dialogue and action
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Welcome to Side-by-Side
Educational Consulting
We teach the latest PreK-12 research-based theory and content in an engaging and accessible way—then “walk the talk” by turning around and working side-by-side with teachers and administrators to implement these best practice methods in real classrooms with real students.
To Supporting Teacher and Staff Growth
“We understand the importance of building trust with teachers and are adept at encouraging and supporting staff as they implement new ideas and methods”.
We understand that not all areas of need can be addressed at once, and are able to help schools and districts prioritize their many identified needs into two or three high-need, high impact areas, and then guide them to stay focused on those identified areas within their action planning. From there, we focus on achieving tangible and successive “quick wins” targeted at the quantity and quality of instruction provided to students, building momentum in the improvement effort.
Raising Student Achievement
Our scaffolded support for coaches, principals, and superintendents is centered around the types of actions that are proven to make the most difference for leaders whose goal is raising student achievement (Robinson, Hoepa, & Lloyd, 2009), including:
Promoting and participating in teaching and learning
Planning, coordinating, and evaluating curriculum
Setting goals and clear expectations
Resourcing strategically
Ensuring an orderly and supportive school environment
What We Do
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From the beginning of any project, we are focused on building the capacity and sustainability systems necessary for long-term success

Consulting Team

Meet our experienced and effective consulting team made up of seasoned education professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets.


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