Dyslexia Training

Our dyslexia training provides educators the what, why, and how of dyslexia, empowering educators to better meet the varied needs of the students they serve.


Proven History

We are a team of education professionals with a proven history of providing professional development and on-site support aligned to the Science of Reading and evidence-based literacy practices. We provide educators with the what, why, and how of reading instruction rooted in structured literacy principles, empowering educators with essential understanding of reading development at any age and instructional tools to better meet the varied needs of the students they serve, particularly students at-risk for dyslexia.



The Side-by-Side team is adept at creating pathways between research and classroom practice. We have a laser focus on bringing the “why” and the “how” together with educators.


Approved Provider:

Side-by-Side Educational Consulting’s training courses are approved and used in several states, including the Idaho State Department of Education, meeting the requirements for Idaho Code 33-1811 (4) dyslexia professional development and recertification.

Side-by-Side Dyslexia Training

Our introductory training provides an overview of the Characteristics of Dyslexia, Dyslexia Assessment, and Instruction and Intervention focused on the evidence base outlined in the Science of Reading.

We begin by defining the Science of Reading by spotlighting the essential components identified by the National Reading Panel and the 20 years of research that has been done since that meta-analysis. From there, theoretical models for reading including Gough and Tunmer’s Simple View and Scarborough’s Reading Rope are addressed, as well as findings from recent brain research for reading, including instruction that builds the neural connections needed to explicitly connect spoken language to print. Essential understandings for dyslexia are then covered, including the definition of dyslexia, indicators to identify dyslexia, use of appropriate screening assessment to ensure early identification and prevention for all learners, and administration of diagnostic assessment to better identify root causes of reading difficulty. Educators walk away with a better understanding of how to screen for dyslexia as well as the type of evidence-based instruction that is needed to ensure all students learn to read proficiently.

Training is divided as follows:

Introduction to Dyslexia Part 1: Characteristics of Dyslexia (2 hours)
Introduction to Dyslexia Part 2: Dyslexia Assessment; Instruction and Intervention (2 hours)

Training Delivery

Delivery of training content can be differentiated through varied models including:

  • In-person training at your school or district site
  • Live, synchronous online format via Zoom
  • A hybrid approach utilizing both in-person and online learning via Zoom

Side-by-Side Dyslexia Training Examples

Click below to see examples of the engaging, live delivery of our dyslexia training via Zoom.

The Downward Spiral of Reading Failure

Defining Dyslexia

Basics of Dyslexia

What is Rapid Automatized Naming?

Different Training Options

Whether you choose in-person training, online training via Zoom, or a hybrid approach, we work to ensure that every educator is provided the latest information and tools to better understand dyslexia so that they can incorporate evidence-based literacy instruction into their classrooms.

To book a training session or sessions and/or to customize training to specifically meet the needs of students and educators in your school or district, please contact us via email or call (800) 585-8304. We look forward to partnering with you!


Here is a small sample of the great reviews given by educators on Side-By-Side Dyslexia Training

“I used to think that dyslexia was just seeing letters jumbled. Because of training with Side-by-Side, I now understand that it is a language-based disorder that is complex, and the primary deficit is phonological – not just written.”

- Susan Woodard, Teacher

“As a professional development planner for Region IV CSPD, I have worked with Side-by-Side to provide intensive training in the Science of Reading and the Characteristics of Dyslexia, Dyslexia Assessment, and Instruction and Intervention. The trainings are engaging and teachers leave having the skills they need to implement.”

-Denielle Miller, Coordinator of Professional Development, Region IV Montana CSPD

“Carrie Cole and Side-by-Side Consulting do what they do for the betterment of children. Having the ability to read opens so many doors of opportunity. Carrie has devoted her professional life to educating teachers in the best practices of literacy instruction. Her mission is being fulfilled each time an educator gains more understanding of reading foundations, takes these skills back to a classroom of learners, utilizing knowledge gained, which, in turn, helps more students learn to read.”

-Doreen Gruber, Instructional Coach

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