“Learning is not a spectator sport.” -Chickering & Ehrmann, 1996

Effective teaching goes beyond student engagement to instead ensure that every student is actively learning, interacting with others, and participating. In this previous blog post, Taking It Beyond Engagement with Active Participation, we talked about the critical difference between student engagement and active participation. When teachers design their lessons so that students are actively participating, students are on task, the learning is visible, and learning is relevant and fun—and who doesn’t want that?

Here at Side-by-Side, we put our heads together and created a free downloadable for you. This downloadable is chocked full of various ways to embed active participation methods into your lessons. We’ve grouped the techniques into three main categories: (1) active participation through oral responses; (2) active participation through written responses; (3) active participation through action responses.
These are tried and true methods that we’ve successfully used in our own classrooms, resulting in:
• Increased motivation and student interest
• Higher order thinking
• Higher levels of student mastery

We can’t wait for you to try a few and then sit back and be amazed as active participation increases significantly. Be sure to share with us your successes and/or challenges!

Access your free downloadable here!
20 Active Participation Techniques Handout

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you! Comment and let us know…
• How do you currently plan for active participation in your lessons?
• Have you used any of these techniques previously? What’s worked well?